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Indish Landscapes

Indish Landscapes are founded by Shri Tharwant Singh Phokela in the year 1995, we have started the nursery in 2.81 Acres area. with our hard work and satisfactory services to the clients, we have stepped into landscaping successfully in the Year 1997, In the year of 1998 Indish Landscapes decided to add one more service of water features owing to the demand of Vastu Shastra and Chinese Fengshui. We have created a long chain of our satisfactory clients day after day and eventually Mr. Kulvinder Singh Phokela stepped into the business adding a new production area of 17.89 acres in the year 2000.

Indish Landscapes launched first R&D research centre in India under Dr. AmritPhokela (Retd. Principal Scientist PUSA New Delhi). We have written our progress story in decades with the height of success and started to develop Residential Shade Houses from the year 2006. On getting a good response from clients towards the construction of Residential Shade House service, Mr. Angad Singh Phokela joined the family heritage (Thirdgeneration of Indish landscapes) in Year of 2013 and we started to create Commercial Agro Shade House.


Founder & Top Management
Shri Tharwant Singh Phokela
Founded: Year 1995
Personalized Nursery
work area: 9 lakhs Sq. ft. (20.7 acres)
Success Story
Landscaping Feature: Year 1997
First Water Feature: Year 1998
Residential Shade House: Year 2006
Commercial Agro Shade House: Year 2013
Main Products & Services
Water Feature
Shade House
Agro Shade House
Bamboo Huts
Garden furniture
Family Heritage of 3 Generation in Indish Landscapes
Shri Tharwant Singh Phokela
Shri Kulvinder Singh Phokela
Shri Angad Singh Phokela
Work Structure
2 Nurseries in Jhansi
2 Offices in Jhansi
1 R&D in Jhansi
We Supply
Palm Trees
Ornamental Shrubs
Flowering Shrubs
Fruit trees
Exotic seasonal
Owned Managed R&D Centre
R&D Centre in year founded in Year 2005
Under Dr. Amrit Phokela
(Retd. Principal Scientist PUSA New Delhi)
R&D center of 52000 Sq. ft.
Rajgarh Bijoli industrial Area
Latest Technologies/ Machinery
Auto CAD, 3ds max, V-Ray, Google Sketchup
Backhoe loader
Pick & Carry Cranes
Telescopic Handlers
Soil Compactor
Road roller
Compact excavator
Skid Steer
Lift mixer.
Cement mixer
Total stations
Own Production

Our Management Team

T.S. Phokela
CEO / Founder

Founder director conceived the commercialization of ornamental landscaping to enhance nature and surrounding.

K.S. Phokela
Director / Founder

Joined Indish with his techno savay mind to protect plants with green house construction. Gave new direction to Indish.
Email ID: phokelaks@indishlandscapes.com

Angad S Phokela
Business Development

Joined Indish with innovative techniques for consistence growth, passionate toward business development techniques
Email ID: angad460@indishlandscapes.com

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